• + means it is moderately necessary
    * means it is highly necessary.

    Blank does NOT mean it is NOT needed but is not of utmost importance.
    These are meant to be a rough guideline and do NOT represent the complete requirements.

  • ClassStrIntWisDexConChaLck Races
    As - Assassin+ Hu El Dw He Ho Li
    Av - Avenger+++ Hu He
    Ba - Bard++ Hu
    Bb - Barbarian+++ Hu Li Tr Gi
    Br - Brigand (T/W/M)***+ Hu He
    Ca - Cavalier++ Hu
    Ce - Celtic (W/D)+++ Hu He
    Cl - Cleric Hu El Dw He Ho Pi Ha Gn
    Dr - Dragoon (T/M/W)***+ Hu He
    Du - Druid Hu He Pi Ha
    Ex - Expositor (W/C)+++ Dw Tr Hu
    Fo - Forester (R/D)++++ Hu He

  • ClassStrIntWisDexConChaLck Races
    He - Herbalist (D/R)++++ Hu He
    Hi - Highwayman (W/T)++ El Dw He Ho Li Tr Ha Gn Hu
    Il - Illusionist+ Hu He Pi Gn
    Ma - Mage Hu El He Pi
    Me - Mercenary (W/T/M)***+ Hu He
    Ne - Necromancer (M/C)**+ Hu He
    Ni - Ninja+Hu
    Ov - Overlord (M/T/W)***+ Hu He
    Pa - Paladin++* Hu He
    Pm - Powermonger (M/T)**+ Hu El He Pi
    Ra - Ranger++ Hu El He
    Ro - Rogue(T/W)++ El Dw He Ho Ha Gn Hu

  • ClassStrIntWisDexConChaLck Races
    Sc - Scout (T/M)**+ Hu El He Pi
    Sh - Scholar (C/M)**+ Hu He
    So - Sohei (M/W/T)***+ Hu He
    Th - Thief Hu El Dw He Ho Li Tr Ha Gn
    Tm - Templar (C/W)+++ Dw Tr Hu
    Wa - Warrior Hu El Dw He Ho Li Tr Og Gi Ha Gn
    Wd - Warder (W/M/T)***+ Hu He
    Wl - Warlock (M/W)+*+ El He Og Hu
    Wr - Warlord (W/M)+*+ El He Og Hu
    Wo - Woodsman(D/W)+++ Hu He