Building - Expectations

  • Attention Builders! We highly suggest to review the help files for building, help building and help redit. Help building will give an overview and help redit will review the basic building commands. Do not be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help.

  • What are looking for is builders who will be commited to fulfilling the vision of management. At first, you will be building areas that you are assigned. Yes, eventually you will be able to present new ideas. However, anything and everything you create is subject for review. You must be ready for the idea that you may end up building areas that management is requesting for an extended period of time.

  • Percival, Onikuma and Reignfyre have the last say on all things. If the area you are building is not what you were assigned, you will be asked to adjust or rebuild. If the area you built does not does not fit into management's design, it cannot be used. It is in your best interest to make sure quality and not quantity is the result. If you have questions, Reignfyre is there for you. If Reignfyre cannot answer your question, he will contact management for more information.

  • Beginning builders are required to stay invisible, and have no contact with other mortals. (In other words, you really have to be prepared to give up the majority of your mortal play time on PR).

  • While you are logged on, you are expected to be functioning in the role of your 'builder' for a minimum 50% of your time on PR.

  • All of your work must be completely original. You cannot use descriptions from other muds, you can't borrow dungeons and dragons modules, etc. You will be expected to create histories, make rooms, create monsters and objects, all from your own imagination.

  • Your first area will be fifty (50) or less rooms. Your zone rooms will be assigned to you. You will be given a concept and will be asked to expand upon it. You must have the program "notepad". All files submitted to Reignfyre must be in notepad. Reignfyre will be checking in on your work weekly. This is your trial area. Your first probationary period will extend until your trial area is completed. This means rooms, monsters, items and zone file. Further probationary periods may follow.

  • We expect work to be done every week. Whether it is editing your work or creating new work. Work needs to be done. If no kind of progress, or progress is not as expected, your builder will be removed. We feel fifty (50) rooms should be able to be built, or at least conceptualized, in thirty (30) days. This means that the room phase of your first project, is about thirteen (13) rooms per week. This breaks down to about two (2) rooms per day. Timelines, like the above, are not set in stone. We are willing to work with extending timelines if extenuating circumstances arrive. Lots of blah, blah, blah and yadda, yadda, yadda about why you are not building will more than likely lead to your builder getting removed.

  • Some people try to become a builder to gain more powers, or to snoop on 'behind the scenes' mud information. We do not allow this. If you are unproductive, you run the risk of having your whole account deleted... so don't sign on to gain powers... sign on because you love to write and want to help to advance the game...